Eclipse IDE for Uniface 6/7/8/9 and Uniface Version Control

Just added inheritance to the demo, and will be adding patterns (eg: refactoring, auto-complete local proc names/local variable names etc.) very soon.  The video now shows:

  • Reads and Writes Text Files (XML) direct from the Uniface repository database (UD6)
  • Based on the Eclipse IDE framework
  • To compile, runs a build script or idf.exe /frm
  • Shows properties (eg: locking: optimistic/cautious)
  • All Triggers window displays triggers for all fields, entities and component
  • Traditional trigger window displays triggers just for selected entity, field etc.
  • Simultaneously work on traditional IDF and Eclipse UD6 IDE
  • Proof of concept with 151 hours effort

To make a booking for your workplace or user-group please email or check out the web event pages:

Spring Tour 2013 USA
Spring Tour 2013 UK and Europe

Or you can call us for more information:
USA: 800-653-1501
UK: 0207 692 0712
AU: (02) 8212 4409

Thank you!


Arthur Barrett
Product Manager

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