Eclipse IDE for Uniface and Uniface Version Control

I’ve had an Eclipse developer spend 88 hours on doing a working proof, showing:

  • Reads and Writes Text Files (XML) direct from the Uniface repository database (UD6)
  • Based on the Eclipse IDE framework
  • To compile, runs a build script or idf.exe /frm
  • Simultaneously work on traditional IDF and Eclipse UD6 IDE
  • Proof of concept with 88 hours effort
  • Based on UD6  ‘Uniface repository as text files’ solution

After a recent poll on the Uniface Professionals Linked-in forum, I was curious as to whether it’s possible to use the Eclipse IDE for Uniface development when the Uniface repository is stored in ‘text files’ using our UD6 product (Uniface Version Control).  March Hare Software have been selling ‘Uniface repository as text files’ solution since 2001 and our many customers use it for:

  • native version control (ClearCase, PVCS, SVN, CVSNT/CVS Suite, etc.)
  • native build management (Make/Ant etc)
  • native release management
  • and now we’ve shown how you can also use native editors/IDE

I’ll be doing complimentary on-site demonstrations in March (USA), April and May (Europe). To make a booking for your workplace or user-group please email or check out the web event pages:
Spring Tour 2013 USA
Spring Tour 2013 UK and Europe

Or you can call us for more information:
USA: 800-653-1501
UK: 0207 692 0712
AU: (02) 8212 4409

Thank you!


Arthur Barrett
Product Manager

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