Uniface 10 and Git

Uniface 10 integrated with Git and GitHub. This demo shows the UD6 integration with Uniface 10.2.2. Of course it works just as well for Uniface 9 as it does for Uniface 10. Trial version of this software available to download now from:

Example ASN settings for Uniface 10:

Explanation of UD6 settings:

Trial download (still uploading, so may not be available for a few hours):

To use the integration you will need:
– Git for Windows, e.g.:
– Git credential manager
– a GitHub account or GitHub Enterprise
– a GitHub personal access token:

To use this Git integration with UD6 and Uniface 10 you must be using a credential manager. UD6 does not handle Git usernames and passwords – the credential manager takes care of that.

To make a booking for your workplace or user-group please email sales@march-hare.com or check out the web event pages:

Spring Tour 2018 UK & Europe

Or you can call us for more information:
USA: 800-653-1501
UK: 0207 692 0712
AU: (02) 8212 4409

Thank you!


Arthur Barrett
Product Manager

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